Director of Special Operations

The Director of the STARFLEET Special Operations reports to the Director of the Holodeck Program and to the VCS, and is the ultimate authority of the SFSO. He is responsible for the Special Operations Command as a whole, and his duties include: a) Acting as a liaison between STARFLEET and the SFSO, b) choosing the members of the HQ staff, c) accounting to the SFSO personnel on the SFSO financial matters, d) forwarding to the SFI Executive Committee his recommendations for promotion of SFSO operatives to the rank of Captain/Colonel and above, (Although he has no authority to directly promote), e) reporting to STARFLEET what is going on in the SFSO Command, and f) Acting a liaison between the SFSO and SFMC on joint projects.

The Current Director of the STARFLEET Special Operations is Fleet Captain TJ Allen. Fleet Captain Allen started his STARFLEET career in 2009 and has served as both a STARFLEET and STARFLEET Marine Corp Officer, starting as The MACO XO on the USS Tiberius, then moved to XO on the Robert de Bruce when his CO started a Chapter in Region 1 and brought the MACOs with them where they joined as a subsidiary of SFSO, taking on the ADU number of 031. He also served as Brigade OIC in the First Brigade, as well as a unit OIC. He is currently serving aboard the Space Station Robert de Bruce in Region 1 as the Station’s Executive Officer.

His office is always open and he can be reached at