Deputy Director, Support

The Deputy Director (Support) is responsible for the electronic presence of the SFSO. He is responsible for the SFSO mailing list, the webpage, and the Secured Frequencies (The SFSO Newsletter.) He is responsible for gathering the reports from the newsletter editor, the website manager, and the Quartermaster (Who gathers prices on SFSO patches and pins and passes them onto the personnel of the SFSO.) He passes this report onto the Deputy Director (Operations) who passes it along to the Director. He is also responsible for gathering information on the fictional equipment of the Star Trek Universe and forwarding them on to the DD(O).

The Current Deputy Director (Support) is Major General Barry Jackson, off of the SS Robert de Bruce.

He can be reached at

The DD(S) has an Assistant Deputy Director (Support), an Assistant Deputy Director (Quartermaster) and an Assistant Deputy Director (Newsletter) under him.