The Force Reconnaissance Companies (abbreviated as either ‘Force Recon’ or FORECON), are one of the STARFLEET Special Operations forces that provide pertinent military intelligence to the combined combat elements of the STARFLEET/STARFLEET Marine air-ground task force, either supporting the subordinate infantry units of the StarFleet Special Operations Rangers, SEALS, or Star Fleet Marine Corp strike groups.
They are fully capable of operating independently behind enemy lines conducting deep reconnaissance, direct action (DA), and other supportive arms deemed necessary to the StarFleet task force.  Using combined methods of spacial, heliborne and waterborne insertions and extractions in cohesion of conventional warfare, they are capable of performing unconventional special operations similar, or to the extent, to those of the STARFLEET Special Operations forces, e.g. Rangers and SEALS, although Force Recon’s missions and tasks do differ by a margin.

It is recommended that the individual wishing to join the Force Recon, take classes from the following SFA Schools: Camouflage, Defensive Tactics, Rappelling, Deployment Methods, Reconnaissance, Survival, Resistance & Evasion, and Terrain Analysis.  If further training is required, the recon specialist can take classes from the following schools in the SFMCA: Special Operations and Infantry.