The STARFLEET Strategic Operations (SFSO) is a department of STARFLEET International, the International Star Trek Fan Association.  The SFSO department is under the jurisdiction of the Vice Commander, STARFLEET.

Our goal is to provide each member of STARFLEET with a one on one experience, by allowing him to take on the persona of an elite STARFLEET Strategic Operations Operative.  The SFSO Operative under goes training at the Starfleet Academy. There is currently three Operative training tracks to choose from. SFSO Intelligence Team, SFSO Hazard Team and the elite SFSO MACO Team.

Each track has 10 Grade levels. By the time an Operative reaches Grade 10, they are in fact certified in 2 tracks (Intel and Hazard Teams) while some additional training would be required for the MACO training track. Those Operatives in the MACO training track would be certified in all 3 tracks upon completing the MACO Grade 10.

We do not require STARFLEET members to take SFA courses to certify in the grade certifications if they do not want to, however we encourage all team members to certify at the Grade 2 level which is the basic qualification. Team Leaders are required to be certified to Grade 6 if they wish to become a Team Leader or to start a new unit.

The STARFLEET Strategic Operations was originally organized and called The STARFLEET Special Operations Command which was launched in 2001, by Captain S. Adam Day with the desire to create a Joint Forces Department that was loosely based upon the various armies of the Real World, while not being as rule bound as the STARFLEET Marine Corps.  Captain Day was Director of the SFSO until he stepped down in September of 2003.  During his time in command, the infamous Section 31 was created as an elite unit (for the purposes of pranking STARFLEET members at Regional Conferences and International Summits.)  It is important to note that Section 31 was disbanded and removed from the SFSO, due to some pranks that were done in poor taste.

In 2017, under the leadership of Commodore TJ Allen, the current SFSO Director, SFSO started to gain more units and members, but it was concluded that due to real world issues, the SFSO needed to return to the “Star Trek” theme and concepts. As part of this reorganization, it was decided to drop the real world military unit names and instead stick with names seen or read about in the Star Trek universe. These new units are based on Starfleet Intelligence, Hazard Teams and the MACOs. The preexisting teams (Rangers, SEALS and Recon) would remain as is until such time in the future however no new team activations in those units would be authorized.

Since then, STARFLEET Special Operations/STARFLEET Strategic Operations has had seven Directors:

  • September 2003 – March 2005
    Brigadier General Dennis Rayburn
  • March 2005 – November 2005
    Brigadier Deb Kern
  • November 2005 – January 2006
    Rear Admiral David James
  • January 2006 – January 2008
    Colonel Howard Knapp
  • January 2008-January 2009
    Brigadier Jack Kern
  • January 2009 – June 2013
    Fleet Captain Joseph White
  • June 2013 – June 2013
    Captain Erik Roberts
  • June 2013 – Present
    Commodore TJ Allen